How to Qualify

The following is the criteria to qualify for the study:

  • Your farm is 100 or more acres and is located in Georgia. These crops need to be in production during the time of the study.

  • Your family has a least one child between the ages of 10 and 19 that either:
    • Resides on the farm
    • Resides at another location but has parents who are actively involved in managing the farm, as long as the farm is owned and operated by the parent's extended family.

  • There is both a male and female head of household that agree to participate in the study.

Exclusion Criteria:

  • The farm has no children or all children are under 10 or over age 19
  • The only children on the farm are employees
  • The family lives on an eligible farm, but the actual work of farming is either done by hired labor or the land is leased to someone else to farm
  • The family does not have legal custody of the children and therefore are not able to provide informed consent

More Information:
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